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Several years ago I met a business owner who has a distribution business for technical tools; he subsequently became a friend so I have had an opportunity to see his business grow. About three months ago I had the pleasure of meeting a business man who, along with his two partners, man manufacture technical tools. During the past several month I have visited with this man on a weekly business.

Knowing both men, not only from a business perspective but also from a personal one, I believe that there is common ground for these two men to establish a business relationship.This week I asked both of them If they would join me for coffee one morning next week and let me introduce them to each other. I received an enthusiastic yes form both, so next week the three of us will meet.

One of the best things we can do for another person is to be of help. I have often addressed the importance of helping other people with their business; your own business may not necessarily be a  direct beneficiary of a meeting such as I will have next week, but you will be remembered for your effort.

Go through your client contact list and see how many meetings you can arrange where there can be a benefit for your clients. In my opinion, a personal introduction is the single most powerful ways of establishing a relationship between two people.

This takes your two way relationship between you and your client and expands it into another dimension.

What a great gift to give to your clients, business acquaintances and friends.


There is always a door somewhere waiting to be opened.

Have a great day!

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