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Christmas Party

Everyone just left, had a Christmas Party at my home this evening. The group included friends who are just friends and other friends who are also my clients. The group represented a wide variety of professions as well as a few retired friends.

There was an important lesson here, everyone had a good time and in the course of a six hour party, the conversations were about  family, friends and what everyone was doing special for the Christmas Season.

The appetizers were awesome,  as usual I ate to much, the main course was delicious and after dinner we played several games. Everyone brought a gift which set set on a coffee table in the living room. We all got a number and in order we got to choose a wrapped gift. We had a choice to take a wrapped gift or to take an open gift from someone else. Lots of fun and laughter as gifts were selected and then lost until all the gifts were gone and everyone received something.

We finished the evening with desert and a several games of LRC (left right and center); a simple game but one that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The lesson for me was that people can get together and not talk business but learn about each others families and Christmas traditions. Next time I attend a party I will concentrate on the lessons learned this evening and work hard to talk about families, values and dreams.


Ignore people who belittle you; they’re only trying to cut you down to their size.

Have a great day!

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