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Time to review your web page…

Web pages are a necessity  and I am sure most small business owners have one. Like any other type of marketing it needs to be changed, revised and updated on a regular basis. In the last year I have seen a wide variety of web pages for small businesses, unfortunately, some of them have not been changed for over 5 years.

Technology has made changes to a web site easy to implement. An example is the addition of a video to highlight a new product or service. A voice message is also easy to use and the addition of a weekly newsletter will help maintain interest.

Do you think that your current web page, when viewed, inspires the viewer to call others and have them look at your site?

It’s hard to be a “jack of all trades” and growing your specific product or service should be your top priority. The internet and all it’s different options, i.e. web sites, blogs, social media, etc are becoming a more and more important way of generating new business. Marketing is an ongoing expense and part of all your revenue should be allocated to marketing. If you are not “high tech”, spend the next few days and see if you can find someone who can handle that part of your business.

Don’t overlook college students as well as the unemployed or new start up businesses. Determine how much you can spend ( nothing is not an acceptable answer) make a list of your wish list and start looking.


We are responsible for our own effectiveness, for our own happiness, and ultimately, I would say, for most of our circumstances.

Stephen Covery

Have a great day!

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