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Let’s Build 2011

Turning 2011 into a great year, built on a solid foundation, has to be accomplished by small business entrepreneurs. We can’t wait for Big Business or our Government to help; the won’t and they can’t. Service and high tech design industries cannot turn our economy around. We import more than we export because we don’t “make” anything in our country.

We need to start making quality, affordable things to sell to our own citizens and eventually to other countries. We must bear the cost of manufacturing even it it means not receiving the “high” pay we want for our labor.

As a  Nation we have to start at the beginning, work hard and rebuild our “:working” infrastructure. Living off unemployment benefits because the  pay is as much as getting a  job, so why work, is wrong. In the long run, that will cost you, your children and in the long run it may cost us our Nation.

We must not feel to proud to start at the bottom in every facet of “work”. We must rediscover family values; cut the size of government, stop wasting tax dollars, bring spirituality back in our lives and get back to our humble beginnings.

I don’t buy the rumor that the United States will no longer be the leader of the world. I challenge you to work with me and with each other and start growing our Country  strong and proud again.

It has to be a grass roots movement. A miracle won’t happen,  neither can anyone find a solution that will cure our economic and attitude woes in a few days.

Let’s think of how a hard working individual can start a “made in America” business. What type of products can we make? Let me hear from you, I will pass on your ideas and help those who believe in our Nation as much as possible.

I believe that 2011 will be a great year for those that want it to be.


Vision without work is a dream; Work without vision is drudgery; Vision with work is a dawn – new hope and a new day!


Let’s, together, make 2011 the best year ever!

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