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Disturbing Article

Yesterday I wrote about tightening our belts and working to generate quality products for less pay. I emphasized starting at the bottom again. The article I am talking about appeared this morning in the Wall Street Journal; the following is a short quote: ” The United Auto Workers union said it is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in a bid to organize employees, including a new push for hourly factory workers at foreign-owned car plants in the U.S. Now, after two of the Big Three were forced into bankruptcy, in part because of uncompetitive labor contracts…”  My feeling is we need to compete with quality and “real wages” not to see how much more we have to raise prices so everyone can retire early with more benefits then they need. Please read the rest of the article and reach your own opinion.

Starting a new manufacturing business does not require a huge factory; it can be started in your garage, or in a corner of a friend’s shop. The product has to be one that you have an interest in, one that you are willing to learn about. You must feel passionate enough about it to sell it. Make a list of products for which you can find material to produce in your community; a few examples include wood toys, candy, household products (innovations), brainstorm with your family and friends for more ideas.The more people you can involve in the selection process the bigger your marketing and support base will be.

Financing does not have to be a major issue for a small, product type business. If you can make one and sell it and then use the profit to buy material to make another two….   Patience belief in yourself  and dedication are the three required ingredients for success.

No, you won’t become a millionaire in one day, but by taking a small step every day, growth will follow.


The poor of the world cannot be helped by mass production, only production by the masses.


Have a great day!

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