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From Contacts to Relationships

Contacts have been stressed many times over the past year. Keeping track of your contacts and staying in touch with them is an integral part of marketing. However, there is more to it than that; a good contact has to be turned into a relationship.

I remember reading that the best ways to cultivate and enhance a relationship is by doing small personal favors and by giving small personal things. Of course, you have to know and understand your client in order to implement either of the two methods I mentioned.  The following are a few thoughts on the subject:

  • If you know your client has a favorite author purchase the newest book by that author as a gift, not for a special occasion, but just because “you saw the book and remembered him”.
  • If your client is a golfer and you play golf together, consider, instead of paying for a round of golf, hire a professional to spend 30 to 45 minutes with him at a driving range. Of course you will also be there.
  • Offer to work with your client if he has a favorite charity he supports.
  • It seldom rains in Arizona but on a recent rainy day I met my client for lunch. I noticed he did not have an umbrella with him so the next day I bought and delivered an umbrella to be kept in the car.
  • DVD’s, CD’s etc also make great personal gifts.
  • After mentioning to a friend of mine that my wife and I had not been to a movie in over six months, I received an envelope with two movie tickets, two drink tickets  and tickets for two boxes of popcorn with a note to enjoy a movie date with my wife, ( I will use that myself in the future)

You get the idea; the gift or the personal favor depends upon your client. Always be on the look out for ways to establish that personal relationship.


We are responsible for our own effectiveness, for out own happiness, and ultimately, I would say, for most of our circumstances.

Stephen Covey

Have a Great Day!

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