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Document Your Business Journey

Taking pictures, videos, etc of our family as it grows, is practiced by most families world wide. We treasure the memories, and the pictures help us to remember our life’s journey.

Your business also has a life, and documenting its growth or lack of growth, creates a powerful tool to help you stay on a path to success.  The process is simple; use a video camera that can be uploaded to your computer and then saved on a DVD.The following is a suggested process to follow:

  • Every six months set aside 20 minutes to talk about where your business is at, what is working and not working and what your plans are for the next six months.
  • Include information on current services/products 
  • Talk about marketing successes and failures
  • Include comments about current or future staff needs
  • Include a few sentences on the financial strength of your firm.
  • End with a few words about your enthusiasm level with regards to your business.

This process serves several purposes:

  • It makes you stop and review your business journey every six months
  • it gives you a permanent record for tracking your business

Make a duplicate of each session and keep one at your office and one at home (in case of fire, vandalism, etc). Whenever you have a few minutes, look at the DVD. A picture of you discussing these items is more useful than keeping a written journal. You may wish to add other features to your DVD such as a pictures of your work space, etc.

Everything that is worthwhile requires a little time and effort. Do this for two years, starting now and you will have a total of 5 remembrances. At the end of that time I believe you will see the value of your documentation efforts.


We can change our whole life and the attitude of people around us simply by changing ourselves.

Rudolf Ddreikurs

Have a great day!

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