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Stay Busy….

One way to increase your production is to stay busy by making commitments. Money is not made by staying in your office and shuffling papers or reading “junk” e-mail in hopes that a customer found you.

In the course of a working day or working week, I hesitate to guess how much time is wasted in non productive “work”. Wasted minutes amount to wasted hours and those hours can be used to generate new business. The problem is that procrastination rears its ugly head and the entire day is “shot”.

Sometimes self discipline alone does not work, procrastination has a tendency to win over self discipline. One way to overcome the lack of production is to commit yourself to seeing someone else.

Most habits take at least 30 days to get firmly entrenched, so try the following for the next 30 work days, or six weeks:

  • Every day take a look at your productive schedule for the next day. ( productive means that you are doing something or seeing someone that could result in more business) 
  • Fill in each hour during the next work day that is productive time.
  • The blank spaces should be filled next as follows:
  1. fill in the time that is absolutely required for paper work or internal marketing
  2. identify the work and set a specific time for its completion
  3. take the rest of the blanks in the day and set an appointment either with a new client or to visit an existing client. 
  4. alternatives include making an appointment with a support group member; commit to attend a networking session, attend a civic organization with the thought that you may want to join, etc.
  5. the key is the commitment to do something or to see someone.

If you are a one person shop, ask your significant other to help you keep to this schedule. Tell your staff about your proposed schedule and ask them for suggestions as to who you should call and visit.

Success is something that is earned; it takes a lot of courage to make yourself do something that you dislike.
You are in the people business and face to face with another person is the best use of your time.


There comes a moment that defines winning from losing. The true warrior understands and seizes the moment by giving an effort so intensive and so intuitive that it could called one from the heart.

Pat Riley

Have a great day!

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