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What is your time worth?

Can your time be worth a different amount at different times?

Can the “worth” we associate with out time change depending upon circumstances?

Should you charge different amounts depending upon your relationship with your clients?

For those that charge for their time, and most of us have to, the amount charged should be a reflection of the projected budget needs. Clients receive “value” for your services. That “value” received is paid for in dollars.
That dollar amount should be the same for all clients that receive similar services. When you deviate from your budgeted price you short change yourself and your business.

When setting your budget and thus the charge for your time, you should allow time to give your services for free to those in need and without the means to pay.

In summary, your time is worth what it takes  to meet your budget plus an extra time allowed to help those less fortunate. This is a simple formula, but an important one for business success. Remember, cutting prices to get more business does not work; that type of volume will only increase your deficit .


If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Will Rogers

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