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Build a Team…..

You don’t have to be a one person operation. No matter what your product or service there is an opportunity to build a team of other professionals which can enhance the overall service you provide.

The process of building a team should be a now project.  You can’t wait to build strong strategic alliances and recruit those people as part of your team. Building strategic alliances is a long process and a team is needed now. The following a a team building process for your consideration.

First step is to determine your target market needs, not just in your field. Make a list of of those needs.

Second, put together a list of potential team members. You initial selection may have two or three people to fill each of those needs.

Third,  check the credentials of your potential team members. Look at their web sites,  ask others what they know about your candidates.

Fourth, meet each of the top candidates in person. You need to get a sense of your personal rapport and whether each candidate is open to working closely with you and the team as a whole. Integrity and reputation are the most important qualifications for you to check. Your team can grow by asking the people you select for other potential members.

Fifth, once your team is formed, have a meeting and discuss how you can all work together.

The main point, is to select your team quickly. This team can also become your support team. Establish meeting at least every other week with your team to discuss how to bet reach and present your team to your target market.


The business of life is to go forward.

Samuel Johnson

Have a great day!

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