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Presentations, a must for all small businesses

Every business, regardless of the product or service, should have a presentation ready to deliver to a group of people. Preparing a talk takes time and should not be treated as ” I can always put one together in an hour” type of project. The preparation of a talk for a group will also help you when talking one one one to a prospect.

The purpose of a talk is to show the audience that you know your product/service and  are honest. This is not a simple task; speaking in from a an audience can cause your nerves to act up and even cause you to stumble through your presentation. The following points will help you get ready:

  • You can’t speak with enthusiasm and conviction unless your know your material
  • Research your topic, even if you have been in the same field for many years.
  • Write out your presentation and practice it until you can deliver it without looking at your notes. If necessary, use 3 x 5 cards to jot down reminders.
  • Don’t sell, just present information. Within your business pick one topic and make that your central theme.
  • Make eye contact with everyone in the room, sometime during your presentation.
  • A podium can give you security, but the ability to walk closer to the crowd allows you to relate better with your audience. 
  • Share your own stories during the presentation. People can relate better and helps establish a relationship of trust.
  • If you have a newsletter ( and you should have an e-newsletter) bring a copy for everyone with you and ask them to fill out their e-mail address to receive your newsletter. Remember, your newsletter has to provide value.
  • Be the last to leave a presentation and talk to as many people as you can. Don’t expect instant results, you may receive a call, but your constant flow of newsletters will remind them of you.


People should know what you stand for. They should also know what you won’t stand for.


Have a great day!

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