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Small Business Support – Tech Issues

This blog has as its purpose the Support of Small Businesses; that includes marketing and management concepts. I spent the day at an all day Tech Seminar and really began to understand the role that Tech knowledge has to do with future planning and growth.

Let me share a few statistics:

  • there are currently 63.2 million smart phone owners.
  • 5 billion text messages are sent every day
  • there have been over 10 billion apps downloaded
  • smart phones are the most important medium for breaking news
  • in 2008 Mobile commerce came to 36.3 million in 2010 that figure jumped to 4.9 billion
  • there has been 3.5 billion dollars spent on mobile advertising

QR (quick response) codes can be downloaded for free and when scanned with a smart phone camera can take you to a video of the product for more information. You can create this for your products.

I learned about the importance of U-Tube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for marketing  just about every service or product. The important thing I learned was that it is not that difficult to use these social medium and to benefit by their use.
Statistical information about your web site and much other pertinent information is readily available at no charge.

Small Business Support can come from many sources and spending a day in a tech seminar may be one of the most worthwhile time commitments you can make. Technology is not just for the young. It can be learned at any age. I have two friends, ages 93 and 94 that are among the most tech savvy people  I have met.


You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful.

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