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Small Business Support – Courage to Succeed

In addition to having a good idea, having working capital and having a business plan, there is another ingredient that is necessary, that is the courage to succeed. I can offer small business support, but unless you have the “heart” to succeed, I can’t help.

Courage is made up of many things; they include your focus, your determination and, most important,  your ability to reach out to others (marketing). Let’s take a closer look at a few things that hinder your readiness to market:

  • Not being prepared: My blog on Presentations (2/07/2011) covers a lot of the material for getting prepared. A presentation to a person in your shop or office should have the same amount of preparation as a speech to be given to twenty five people.Your knowledge of your product/service  and your enthusiasm may come out in such a way as to scare a prospective client.  Your enthusiasm may make your presentation unclear to a potential client. Make sure your presentation delivers an easy to understand message of value..
  • Fear of rejection: Many small business owners find all kind of excuses to stay in the office instead of leaving the security of the “four walls” and going out to talk to people they don’t know. It’s normal to fear rejection,it is something we grew up with, and, we all put up a wall when approached by a stranger to sell us something. My solution is to make that call and instead of selling, ask about their business. Listen, become a friend and sales will follow. Action is the key, remember that each “no” gets you closer to a “yes”.
  • Limited Self-image: The image you have of yourself was created by you.What is it that causes you to have a limited self-image? Would new clothes, or shoes, or a new watch, or ?????, make a difference? If it does, treat yourself to that item as part of a marketing expense. One of my clients was among the first to buy and I-pad and that was and is his confidence builder (crutch) when calling on

These three items are, in my opinion, the ones that stand in the way of Success. Work to overcome these three fears, take one step at a time, all the time.


Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.

Michael Pritchard

Have a great day!

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