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Small Business Support – The Plan

My guess is that less then 20% of small businesses have a a written plan, and probably only half of those ever look, follow or update their business plan. Having a plan for future growth by no means guarantees success, but by not planning your business will make hasty decisions, will not be prepared for economic trends and will waste many opportunities.

Why no plan? Is it because the owners feel  so smart that they don’t have to go through the exercise of committing something to paper? Perhaps owners feel insecure about creating a business plan, then, why, are they going into business? A common excuse I hear is the expense factor; if you can’t afford to pay for the creation of a business plan, then you most likely can’t afford to be in business.

Every enterprise, regardless of its size, needs to have a working, active business plan. Give your business a better chance at success and find a planner to guide you. Creating a business plan by yourself, without the help of a facilitator, is like doing your own surgery, you may survive, but the chances aren’t to good.

Challenge: before the week is out learn about QR (quick response) codes and create one to put on your business card. All the information is on the internet, you can google it or look for it on u-tube.

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Be patient. Patience is also preparation.  It is the action before the act.

Noah Ben Shea

Have a great day!

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