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Small Business Support – Well spent marketing dollars

It’s possible that as a business owner you can do a lot of the marketing: you can meet people, you can e-mail and send snail mail, you can join a club or get involved in civic and community affairs, but, you may not have time to learn about the power of the internet.

If you don’t think that the internet and the social media are powerful, then you haven’t been in touch with the news; Egypt, Yemen, and Iran, all have massive demonstrations all put together through communications in the social Media. In the United States, over 150 million people are on Facebook; world wide, the figure jumps to 600 million.

The past few weeks I have concentrated on how small businesses market their products and services. In visiting with the owners, marketing, as a whole, is still not adequate. From web sites to e-newsletters and blogs, most were not up to the standard required to compete and attract new  business. For most, social media was not even  considered.

Most small business owners have developed or represent a product or service and spend most of their time learning about running a business and doing simple marketing. They share that they don’t have the time to learn about all this new “high tech marketing” nor the time to implement a high tech marketing plan.

I am recommending a new line item in the small business marketing budget, a part time “tech geek” to work several hours a week and handle your online marketing. Yes, you still have to be involved for content guidance, but you don’t have to learn the mechanics. Also, allow at least one hour a week to attend a “webinar”, free of charge on “high tech marketing”.

As always, change is the only constant in our lives, and as a small business man who has to wear all  the hats this hire may have to be one of your first.


Howcum little kids practice, and big kids don’t?

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