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Last evening I visited with a small business owner who had just received approval for a product, which, I believe, has enormous potential. His justified excitement has him going in many directions at the same time. Questions on productions, marketing, distribution, control, etc…. still remain to be answered. I asked him what his plan was to introduce his product, his answer, I have a partner and I will consult him and then just do something.

I suggested that he stop and smell the roses and do some serious planning, with help from someone that could provide guidance without being intimately involved in the developed work the past few years. Unfortunately, he had his mind and direction made up.

Today I want to give you a brief overview of a book called Smart Strategies for Growing your Business, written by Terri Lonier. If you don’t want to seek help from a mentor or coach, these few steps may help guide you.

  • Strategies are one of the four elements – along with tactics, goals and vision, that make up a series of essentials small business plans and actions.
  • To best determine your Vision, ask yourself these questions: 1- What are my grandest ideas? 2- What am i ultimately striving for? 3- What do I want  to leave as a legacy? There are no “right answers to these questions, so let your imagination run free.
  • Goals are measuring sticks. We determine what we’d like to achieve during a specific time frame. 
  • It’s important to make a distinction between a tactic, an approach to accomplish something, and an activity which may take your eye off the goal.
  • Strategies are the blueprints you draw to help you achieve your goals; they are systems you use to get yourself where you want to be. Employing strategies is putting brain before brawn, planning before you act.

Something for you, as a small business owner to think about and hopefully expand.


Good leaders do more than motivate people to follow in the moment. They provide structure that allows leadership to flourish.

Have a great day!
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