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Small Business Support – The Yellow Pad Check List

No, not a computer but an old fashion yellow pad is used for this exercise. As small business owners you always a “hundred” things to do; many are forgotten and never see the light of day.

This is an exercise to help you focus on what you hope to accomplish. The tools are few:

  • A yellow pad which is to be carried with you at all times, including being placed at your bedside when you go to bed. ( sometimes the best ideas come as you are trying to fall asleep)
  • Obviously, a writing instrument.
  • Start now and make a list of everything that you wish to accomplish; no, don’t prioritize them at this time.
  • from now one, whenever you think of something that has to be done or you have an idea, jot it down on your pad.

The prioritizing will take care of itself as you review your notes. Priorities may change from time to time and as you look at the list that needs to be accomplished, you will select the importance of your next function.

As you finish a “to do” item, cross it off.  Everyday go back to the first page and see if there are any unfinished items on that page. If they are no longer relevant, cross them off, if they are still important leave them there until they reach a number one position and you perform that action.

This system is, perhaps, the most valuable control process that a small business owner can have to accomplish what needs to be done to grow his business. Unlike a list on a computer or smart phone, this list is always visible and easily accessible. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a complicated system.

Tools only produce results if they are properly used. Try this tool for 60 days…. you will keep it forever.


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Enjoy your Small Business Support and have a great day!

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