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You can lead a horse to water but…………

Fiercely independent, not trusting anyone,  afraid of those who want to help, know it all attitude, spending money without research, refusing help, unwilling to build a solid  foundation, I could go on and on; these attributes describe many small business owners. For these and a few other reasons, approximately 85% of small business fail in the first 5 years.

The following is a unique offering for the next week; Anyone who purchases my very expensive book ($20),Seven Weeks to increased profits will receive individual e-mail support for seven weeks. I will act as a mentor and walk with you through this intensive seven week process.

This foundation building process was developed over a two year period and was condensed (all the fluff removed) so that you have a mission to accomplish, 5 days a week, for seven days. Yes, you will still have time to run your business, but at the end of this seven week period you and your business will have a better feeling about your business’s future.

This new book is available at After you receive  your book please e-mail me at and we will set up a schedule for weekly communications and support.

This is not an easy task, it’s not about reading a book and getting rich. You have action items to complete every day, 5 days a week.

Do you have the G.U.T.S. (God’s Undeniable, Terrific Secret) To better your future???

The success of your small business lies entirely in your hands.

Have a great day!

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