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What does a Small Business Coach do?

The following is basic information as to what the duties and responsibilities are for a business coach.These are written from my point of view and what I do in my practice. I believe that most business coaches will do some or most of the following.

Before the process can start, a level of trust has to exist between the Business Owner and the Coach. As a coach, I meet with a client to learn about their background, interests and what motivates him/her.

The overall goal is to boost the owners performance, which, in a small business will also boost the performance of the enterprise. The following are a few of the main functions of a coach.

  • The first item on the agenda is to set goals and then to develop an action plan.
  • As a coach, I do more asking then telling.I have developed a set of basic questions to start this process.  My job is to listen and give constructive feedback
  • Providing  focus so that the direction chosen is not lost
  • Study and optimize opportunities along with the owner
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  • Accountability for the time frame established with the owner

It is hard to distinguish between a mentor, coach and consultant. The best of all worlds is to combine the talents of all three disciplines. In this way you look at the personal side of the owner as well as the business side and combine them into a successful enterprise.

When selecting a coach, your first job is to interview that person and ask for an overview of the process. This gives you a chance to establish a relationship and hopefully develop a position of trust.

The selection and use of a Coach/Mentor/Consultant may be the very best decision a small business owner can make.


Be in business for yourself, but never be in business by yourself.

Have a great day!

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