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Small Business Owner, Get Noticed

Just like any other notable and memorable firm or consumer product, you have to build your own identity as a brand in order to establish credibility. When you own a small business it may seem an almost overwhelming task to” stand out among established firms.” While there is no short cut to this process,it should be part of a comprehensive marketing program that is worked at every day of your business life.

The following  suggestions, if implemented, will help you “get noticed”. Getting noticed is not so much about how much money you have,, but more about your willingness to persevere.

  • new releases to your local newspaper, when published, brands you as a leader in your field. Do some research on the internet; there are many sites that will guide you. Like most things worthwhile, news releases should be sent out on a regular basis to all your local newspapers.
  • If you have radio talk show hosts, send them a news release concerning something newsworthy that you or your firm can share with the listening audience. Again, repetition is the key to getting on the air.
  • Morning talk shows on TV usually spotlight local items of interest. Again, a news release if the key.
  • Put together a 20 minute presentation covering a unique aspect of your business or your personal life. Most civic organizations meet every week and they have to find a speaker for every meeting. Prepare a brochure on your topic and sent it out. Call your friends that are members of a group and offer to be a speaker. 
  • Offer to do a seminar, almost any kind of business has a story to tell and something of value to pass one to others. Contact you local chamber of commerce.
  • Volunteer to speak at schools, grade schools, high schools, junior colleges etc.
  • Volunteer to work with a non profit organization

I selected these methods of getting noticed because they require a little more work than the social media, but they play a very important role in your market area.


You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction.

Alvin Toffler

Have a great dat!

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