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Small Business – no plan – no growth

Back to a discussion about business plans. Every small business needs a plan; a small business is also a commission sales person. I still find that the biggest obstacle to success is a lack of a plan and then, the implementation of the plan. Recently  a person without a plan quoted the following: ” Man makes plans and God laughs.” The business philosophy in this case was to keep trying until something worked. I think that the Good Lord gives us credit for doing some planning, because a plan can lead to success and thus you can make the world a  better place to live.

As I mentioned in last months article on planning, I believe that only 20% of small businesses have a working plan and I feel certain that most of those work with a plan because of a coach.

No one can come in and do a “quick fix” on a troubled business. There is no magic dust that can be sprinkled and have instant positive results. Success requires a small step forward, every day, according to a carefully thought out plan. It also requires that the plan be designed now and started today, not when you have more time and money.

On  the positive side, I have received several offers from business people to serve on an advisory board for small businesses. As you know, I feel that having an advisory board is a good way to grow your business. If you live in the metro Phoenix area and are interested in forming an advisory board, please e-mail me at:

Please read Seven Weeks to Increased Profits. The book offers a plan for you to follow with many ideas on management, marketing and business growth. It’s a start!  Book can be purchased at Kim Hubbard

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