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Small Business Motion – One Step at a Time, All the Time

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from small business owners is ” I don’t have enough time”. This really comes into focus when a plan is requested and the reality of implementing the plan plus maintaining an ongoing operation seems almost unattainable.

Having worked without a plan does not mean that your new plan has to be implemented and completed in a short period of time. A good plan has an action time table built into it. The time table takes in consideration the time required to maintain  the current operation.

With a plan, the next challenge is to start now, no matter how little time you have left in your day.  Some useful work can be done today, no matter how little time is assigned. Any amount of effort is worthwhile if it is done all the time.

There is more time wasted when one project is finished and another is not started because there is not enough time to finish it. Time is your most precious commodity, an exercise I highly recommend is to keep track of your  time for three days, start with the time you arrive at work and track yourself in half hour segments. Write down everything you completed in the previous half hour. If you can preserver for three days you will learn a lot about your own time management and what changes, if any, that have to be made.


You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.

Frederick Wilcox

Have a great day!

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