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Everything changes with change, that includes systems and staff.

Change in our world is coming at us almost at the speed of light; potential changes have to be tested and nurtured into new organizational forms. When a new idea is introduced and a decision is made to implement it, the old rules of management and marketing may have to be done away with. A new product or service requires a company to re-invent itself. It requires a new strategic focus plan, changes in the behavior of the owner and possibly changes in the staff.

A small company should be more nimble that a large one and can adopt more quickly to economic issues and new technologies. The hardest part may the replacement of a small staff that may not be adequately prepared to handle the new direction.

No one ever said that being self employed and running your own company was going to be an easy task. Having to be constantly aware of the changing  market place and facing the possibility of having to let go of an employee that helped you get your business started, may be one of the hardest, but necessary jobs that you will face.

As owner, your responsibility is,  first,  to assure the survival and growth of the business. If an employee can be retrained in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost, then explore that option. Don’t fall “in love” with a system or a staff member to such an extent that you jeopardize the well being of the business.

Difficult decisions are part of the business growth and are necessary for success.

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