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An opportunity to participate, to grow your business.

Thank to all of you who have purchased  my new book Seven Weeks to Increased Profits“. I am going to offer this program in a class room setting, in person and via SKYPE,  within the next few months.

At this point I want to spend seven weeks doing a documented case study of a group participating in this process.The following are the steps if you want to participate.

  1. There is a limit of 25 people, on a first come basis. Open to small business owners and commission sales people.
  2. The requirement is that you participate in each daily exercise, 5 days a week. You are asked to do one exercise at a time and not go skip ahead.
  3. You agree to visit with me, either  by e-mail, phone or SKYPE to discuss your progress every week.
  4. Our weekly conversations will be used to gauge the time allocated in each session and also the effectiveness of that  week’s session.
  5. I will act as a mentor/coach for your business during the seven week study, and help you in any way that I can.
  6. Your sign up for this study will cost you the price of my book ($20 plus shipping). In this way I know you are sincere in participating in this study.
  7. There will be no charge for any mentoring/coaching that I share with you.
  8. Your personal business will be held in confidence; only comments of the process itself will be published.
  9. You can order your book at
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