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Select a “Cause” for your small business

When it comes from the heart, having a specific cause or charity, supported by both you and your firm can be a very beneficial business move.

Before we look at the steps for integrating “the cause” into your business let’s look at the selection process.

  • If you like the idea of supporting a cause, don’t be in a hurry
  • Unless you are already participating in a cause, you may have to do some research. It not only has to be one that you believe in and is suitable to your personality, but it has to be one that benefits the entire community.
  • Next, find out who is currently supporting this charity ( who are the organizers and board of directors) and how much of the collected donations go to help those in need and how much is used for operational overhead.

Establishing the relationship between you (your firm) and “the cause” also requires planning.

  • Adopt the name and logo in the firms marketing material
  • Tell your story and reason for involvement to current and past clients
  • Explain how, by doing business with you, this “cause” is supported. For example, do you donate a certain portion of your income?
  • Volunteer to be a speaker on behalf of “the cause”
  • Use all your marketing avenues, including social media to talk about your support for your charity
  • Be consistent! It may take a while for business to come to you as a result of your participation, but your involvement is mainly to help; business will come as you prove your intentions.


The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

Have a great day!

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