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Small Business – Co-opetition

Don’t compete, co-operate!

There are several ways to multiply your marketing effectiveness;

  • you can join  with a business that offers products or services, different than yours, to the same target market.  Each firm can offer a discount or other “specials” to the clients of the other firm. A joint newsletter featuring the benefits of both businesses can be sent out to the e-mail lists of both clients. Joint marketing can be further developed in online social media sites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. Evaluate each marketing program and find out what other ways are available for joint promotions. This system can grow by adding  other firms, but the approval all the member firms must be obtained   before another firm joins to the marketing process. The additional exposure that each participants receives can be obtained at little or no cost to the participating firms. 
  • The second option is to work with the same type of business as yours. The goal here is to create a win-win situation instead of a win-lose situation.In some cases, there are many businesses that offer the same product or service; each is trying to win and each hopes that the others fail. By combing marketing forces ( make sure that both owners have the same ethics and customer service goals) you can create a larger image to your target market. Even within the same industry, different firms have different strengths, thus another opportunity to provide a better service to your clients becomes available. 

In today’s economy, out of the box marketing becomes a necessity for survival and growth. When you implement this program, everyone wins.


Any problem you can solve with a check isn’t a problem, it’s an expense.

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