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Small Business – The Real Customer Care

Most small business do everything possible  in the way of  customer care while the sale is in process. The goal is to make the sale! The next step, if it exists, is to put the now past customer/client on a mailing or e-mail list and occasionally send a newsletter.

Unless you are competing on price and I don’t think many small businesses have the “big box mentality” you are not providing the type of customer care that creates a permanent relationship. Let me share an example of my last automobile purchase. After leaving the dealership i received, several weeks later a note from signed ( I think) by the sales person congratulating me on my purpose. The next contact was a mailing telling me that my six month service was due. By that point I did no even remember the name of the salesperson.

For a person working on commission and knowing that there is a lot of down time, waiting your turn to approach the next walk in, it would have been nice to receive a call in a week asking me how everything was going and then, as part of real customer care, a call every month or so to see it there were any problems.

The out of sight out of mind mentality employed by most businesses does not really create real customer service. Customers want goods and service that will benefit them and they expect good service during the purchase process; however, the after-sales service is more important than the assistance before the sale. It is only through the after sales customer service that permanent clients are established, clients who will come back to you and also refer to you. The power of their “one-on-one” marketing is the key to small business success.

Take a few hours and develop a “Real Customer Care” process for your business.No matter how small your product/service is, a good Real Customer Care process will help you succeed.


Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Vince Lombardi

Have a great day!

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