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Ask Small Business Owner, Ask for referrals

An old Chinese saying goes something like this: “He who waits with open mouth for duck to fly in will go hungry”.

I believe that many small business owners are waiting with their mouths open for a “duck” (referral) to fly in. It seems that there is a constant struggle as to when is the proper time to ask and also who to ask for a referral.

When is the proper time?  In my opinion the answer is now. We wait and wait and then we don’t ask; the longer we wait the more we procrastinate and the “ask” never happens. Fear sets in and then we tell ourselves that they would have not referred anyone to us anyway. If you are uncomfortable asking, you  will be a lot more uncomfortable if you lose your business.

Ask when you see someone, ask in your e-mail, ask in all your marketing material; what do you have to lose?

Who do you ask? The answer is simple, everyone! Not all people can be a customer/ client for your business, but everyone has the potential to become a referral source. Most people you know and are likely to ask like you, and they may need a reminder that you are looking to grow your business.

At the time of the “ask” you must also educate your potential referral source on what to do with a referral. The ultimate goal is a personal introduction, either by phone or in person. ” I think that “Jack” may be in need of your services” is not a referral, that is a cold call because “Jack” does not know who you are.

Start today and ask everyone at every opportunity for a referral, and watch your business grow in the next 30 days.


The business of business is to go forward.

Have a great day!
P.S. I need a referral, please help someone by a book

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