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Wasted Marketing Dollars????

Not all marketing methods  work and if you have been following my blog for any length of time you will notice that I don’t recommend any of the following:

  • Newspaper Advertising: Unless you own a “big box” or grocery store newspaper advertising seldom works. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are on the decline and the cost of print advertising  far exceeds the return. 
  • Yellow Pages: When is the last time you opened the yellow pages? Online advertising through Google,, etc, are taking the lead; with smart phones, I-pads, etc, information is readily accessible and the yellow pages will eventually disappear. 
  • Direct Mail: Buying a list and hoping that a one time mailing will bring in worthwhile results,  will not happen.Many mailing lists have an accuracy rate of 50 to 80%. Do you open your “junk mail”? If you build your own mailing list with permission  from the recipient, that is has some benefit and I don’t classify that as traditional direct mail. 
  • Radio Advertising: First, radio advertising is expensive; second, how do you determine which station caters to your target market. Another issue is the frequency of the add; how often to you stop and write a telephone number that you heard on the radio?

These four “marketing” methods (really advertising not marketing) are the ones that many small business try to use. There are several reasons, number one,  it’s easy and you feel like you are doing something to generate business. A real marketing campaign takes time to develop and instant gratification is not a benefit.

As a small business owner you are in the people business and establishing relationships through one on one marketing, social media plus the many other options I mentioned in my daily blog provide better and longer lasting results.


Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion,. You must set yourself on fire.

Reggie Leach

Have a great day!

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