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Small Business…. Be Prepared

Several years ago I pulished a record keeping book, The Be Prepared Book, accompanied by an interactive CD. NO, it had nothing to do with the Boy Scouts, it had to do with 40 items that every adult should keep an up to date record about. I still claim that it is the second most important book that every adult should own and maintain.

Recently I have been thinking about the Boy Scouts again and how small businesses should also Be Prepared.The following are several areas that all small business should review in order to Be Prepared for Success.

  • Re-read your mission statement, vision statement and your strategic focus plan. Make sure that your core values are still your top priority and incorporate into your business life.
  • Be aware of your target market; find out as much as you can about them. Are  your current marketing effort still directed toward your target market? How has your target market changed in the past year, or since you last reviewed this issue?
  • Have the needs of your target market changed?
  • Are you easy to do business with? This entails everything from customer relations to your firms out reach program.
  • How are you viewed in your community and among your peers? Don’t answer that questions yourself, research and document your answers.
  • Sharpen your sales skills. Like a knife they can get dull….
  • Keep in touch with your past customers and always ask for  referrals.

Not 40 check points as can be found in the Be Prepared Book, but a list that you should update every year. (The Be Prepared Book can be found at Make sure your family has theirs.

Americans have more time saving devices and less time than any other group of people in the world.

Duncan Caldwell

Have a great day!

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