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Small Business Porjects… Don’t Start without a Plan!

During the course of out business lives, we start many projects but how many are completed successfully?

Something I hear quite often: ” I tried it and it didn’t work”. When asked for the process in which the idea was implemented, there seldom is anything in writing.

To bring any new idea to fruition, a series of steps are required. To be effective, this process should be outlined with goals, objectives, steps, assignments, accountability and time lines. Included in the mix should be a study of the financial support the project requires.

Before the start, another list should be created; “potential obstacles”. Beside each of these, a way to overcome the obstacle, should it arise, must be addressed.  with all this work in place, the final analysis is to determine the cost versus value of the completed project.

Running through this exercise does not take much time but it allows you the needed time to dissect the idea before the start.


Do it now. Time is money. Work smarter, not harder. There’s always enough time for the important things.

Alan Lakein


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