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Creativity, a must for the small business

In today’s competitive environment, creativity is the key word to success. New ideas will provide the foundation for an effective marketing program. Creative marketing  approaches are needed to generate the marketplace understanding  and positive perceptions that a business needs to grow.

New ideas  are not necessarily new, in most cases they are nothing more than old ideas, used by someone else, but presented in a new way. We can define creativity as the ability to imagine new ways to use existing ideas. When looking for marketing ideas, a good place to start is by looking what is currently in the market place and then figure out how to improve the presentation.

Interactive marketing, is, in my option, the wave of the future. Consumers no longer want to be told what to do, old fashion marketing is a one way street; it can send a message, but the prospect cannot be heard. It’s hard to build a permanent relationship in a one way marketing program.

An interactive-marketing program that can reach out and touch the consumer will separate the business from the rest of the field. Interactive marketing allows a consumer to feel that he has been singled out and can respond to an invitation to find out more about a product or service.

Technology has made an interactive marketing program easy to implement and, perhaps, less expensive that the traditional one way marketing venues. Like any other marketing program, results will not be instantaneous, persistence and constant tweaking are necessary to achieve the desired results.


The man who wants to put on the brakes instead of stepping on the gas usually has fewer ideas about where to go.

Webster Schott

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