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Small Business staff challenge

You now have this great idea for a new business; you feel that you are in the right place at the right time. The strategic focus plan is finished  and the projected growth for the company is  unlimited. You know what has to be done, now comes the implementation; you will need to recruit a staff of 20.

The first step is to describe the attributes of your future staff:

  • must like to work
  • not afraid of people
  • has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances ( future prospects)
  • self confident
  • not afraid to share a belief in a product or service 
  • has positive, can do attitude
  • can see potential and value (if it exists) in something out of the ordinary
  • must have high moral and ethical values
  • self starter
  • can work without supervision
  • has aspirations of owning a business
  • a desire to improve their financial position
  • willingness to learn
  • should be innovative  

Now where do you find 20 people with these remarkable attributes?

  • share this profile with you data base; (friends, relatives, etc) ask for an introduction to anyone they know that fits this profile
  • set up a booth at an “employment fair”
  • create a brochure with these requirements and distribute it 
  • small add in newspapers
  • news release

The challenge is for you to complete the profile and then determine where this future employee is hiding. The most important step is being prepared for the interview, as you must share your attributes and those of the business, with each prospective employee


Failure is an inside job. So is success. If you want to achieve, you have to win the war in your thinking first.

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