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Research on one on one marketing

For the past year I have been devoting some time to the concept of Network Marketing. Let me share a few facts: It seems that networking marketing had its beginnings in 1940 with a firm called California Vitamins. The first well known, at least in my opinion, was Amway which was started in 1959. Amway now  operates in 80 countries and has 3 million business operators.

My findings said that there are over 50 million people world wide generating almost 100 billion in annual wholesale revenue. That tells me that there is something to this concept. Perhaps Network marketing is a concept that has come of age.

I have been told that using the internet is a lot easier and millions can be made with a web site. I believe that you have to be very lucky and very knowledge to even get noticed. With a web site you are joining millions of other “hopefuls”, waiting for someone to click on your site and then buy your product.

For me, the simple beauty of talking to someone you know about a product that you are passionate about will yield the best results. The following are a few thoughts on this subject:

  • Due to the economic downturn, there are many people looking for full or part time work
  • A good product, ( or products) that offers value, and is not priced to high is an ideal candidate for one on one marketing.
  • Your own credentials, your honesty, your reputation, and standing with your peer group will determine the success of such an endeavor.
  • No, having good products alone will not be enough to start this type of business.
  • Record keeping, systems development and marketing support for your future workers are essential for success.
  • On the positive side, there are great on-line resources to explain the process. There are good books which offer great insights.
  • There are always some start up costs, nothing is for free! A good attorney for the legal end of the business and a good accounting system ( tracking of sales) are necessary. The earning structure for you new business partners has to be carefully designed.

This may be the right process at the right time to grow your business. Find out more about it. Let me hear your thoughts.


Avoid shortcuts. They always take too much time in the long run.

Have a  great day!

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