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There is a difference between Business to Business and Bussiness to Consumer.

More and more small business owners are learning that “one marketing campaign doesn’t fit all”. If your business plan is to market to both businesses and consumers, then you  will need two different marketing approaches.

Let’s look at several differences  which may help you in designing your marketing plans.

  • When marketing our products to a consumer, we often have to “sell” something that the consumer may not need,  but wants.As an example, a new 3-D Plasma TV may not be a necessity, but it would be nice to own one. When selling to a business, often times we have a product or service that the business owner may have to buy to continue to grow their business. In presenting your product/service to a business a more direct approach usually works best.
  • I have found that a business buyer is more knowledgeable and scrutinizes a potential product more that a consumer who may be buying to keep up with the next door neighbor.
  • The small print in a contract my be more important to the business buyer than the consumer. The business buyer wants more information to make sure that the product or service is the best fit for his business.
  • A consumer is much more likely to buy on an impulse where a business buyer may need to look at a product several times. Thus selling  to a business buyer becomes a multistep process.
  • In most cases, a business product is more complex and education becomes part of our sales tools. The buyer has to be educated in the product and then shown the benefit.

These  differences should be the basis for your marketing campaign. Most advertising we see on TV sells the “glamor” in ownership, I use the term “beautiful” people areas the choice of most commercials aimed at the consumer. The business marketing shows current benefit and future value.


Do it now!  The business obituary pages are filled with planners who waited.

Have a great day!

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