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“Some Days you eat”…. Small Business message

“I’m doing just as well as anyone else in my business” ……  If you are satisfied to keep up with the pack, you have a  problem. ” If you run with the pack, some days you get to eat, and some days you don’t”.A sure sign of mediocrity is when a business owner tells me he is doing as well as the rest of the businesses in the area, or ” as well as can be expected in today’s economy”.

Survival and growth requires that you lead the pack!  If you are not rushing towards the lead, then it’s time to re-evaluate your business and see what it takes to either sprint to the front of bow out of the race. If your goal is to survive then you are on an endless merry go round, a no win situation.

I don’t believe that it is a “no money” or “no time” issue; it’s an issue of a lack of direction, motivation and accountability. A small business owner is the same as the business; if you feel down, your business will be down.

I don’t know of a business that is not market driven; to determine what the market desires, through your research, testing, focus groups, etc, is the most basic and fundamental principle for developing a marketing growth strategy. Almost all successful and growth businesses work on  their marketing plan twenty four hours a day, at least in their minds.

A business plan and the accountability factor that  goes with it must be part of ever business owner’s life.A  statement I heard and use ” Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself” is the basis for my business as a mentor and consultant to small businesses.Knowing what to do is not enough, doing is is what counts.


Character …. the ability to carry on after the mood has left you!

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