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Building a “HUGE” marketing department in a small business

Without marketing a small business cannot grow, much less survive. Every small business needs a “huge” marketing team. The question is, how do you build a marketing team without the funds to pay the team. There are different types of marketing teams, but before we “hire” your team, complete the following exercise.

  • Make a list of your products or services
  • Make a list of your target market
  • List the benefits that your target market receives when using your products or services
  • What makes you better than anyone else that offers similar products/services. Please, no motherhood and apple pie. This isn’t about your honesty, etc, it’s about the value that you provide.

If you don’t have answers, in writing, to the above questions, do it now!

The four letters to remember to implement this concept are: AEKT

  • Ask others to be on your marketing team. That starts with family ( yes, even spouses, children and  relatives), friends, business acquaintances, current and past clients/customers and all others that are in your sphere of influence.
  • EDUCATE all the above, tell the story from your answers to the four questions. Education can take place on a one on one or a group setting. If possible, give them a brochure (stressing answers to the four questions) and several of your business cards
  • Keep in touch. Just as with any other “staff” stay in touch with your team, via e-mail, telephone and as often as possible in person. Share with them the marketing progress your team is making and the impact it is having on your business.
  • Thank  perhaps the most important letter is the T. With or without results directly attributed to an individual on your team, make sure you show your appreciation. Inexpensive  appreciation items can include movie passes, Starbucks cards, coupon for a pizza, etc.

This program may sound like a lot of work, but the rewards are great. If you don’t implement this process, you may have a hard time growing your business.


The fellow who says he’s too old to learn new tricks probably always was.

A.J. Marshall

Have a great day!

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