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Small Business -Overlooked staff support

Growing a small business in today’s economy is a difficult undertaking. Finding realible, affordable staff that won’t quit on you when the gong gets tough or when another job opportunity comes along is an impossible quest, according to many small business owners.

There is a forgotten factor with regard to this issue; there is a mostly untapped work force between the ages of 65 and 80 that can provide the best and most knowledgeable staff support that can be found.

Consider the following:

  • this group has tremendous work ethics
  • they appreciate the opportunity to work
  • are willing to work, in many cases, for lower salaries
  • have more flexible hours
  • have a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • integrity  and loyalty is their strong point
  • are willing and able to learn

They are not mentally challenged; I have a friend who is 94 years old and works a computer better then most. This group, I found to be much more reliable that their younger counterparts.

Where do you find these treasures?

  • Talk to employment agencies
  • post a note at a senior center
  • post a note at your place of workshop
  • take an add in the paper
  • use the social media outlets
  • let your friends and business associated that you want to hire “seniors”
  • send a news release to your local newspaper about how great you think senior workers are.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are over 76 million baby boomers coming into retirement age whose greatest concern is not having enough money to retire.

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