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If you want your samll business to survive and grow…

Attention Small Business Owners:

Jim Smith ( not his real name) told me at our first meeting that he was going to be one of the 85% of small businesses that will fail. I found a lack of direction along with a dwindling cash reserve caused the “failure syndrome” to set in.

Jim needed:

  • A short course in “how to” increase his customer base and at the same time increase the bottom line.
  • An easy to follow blueprint to guide him
  • Accountability
  • Support

I ask if a $20 investment that could possible satisfy these 4 need and provided an opportunity to save and grow his business was of interest. A hesitant “yes” was the answer, then the questions “how”.

The answers:

  1. The book Seven Weeks to Increased profits
  2. A 5 day per week, step by step process
  3. Accountability was to himself. He had to commit to follow the plan.
  4. Support was provided by me, at no charge, via e-mail and SKYPE visits

Now, almost 3 months later, Jim has turned his business around, and has a success attitude he has not experienced since the first few weeks of his new business.

If you find yourself in Jim’s position, for the next 5 days, I will make the same offer to anyone who goes to and purchases Seven Weeks to Increased Profits.

I’m making this offer to develop future partnerships with growing businesses. Jim is not a client and we have just completed a strategic focus plan for the next two years.

By going to and ordering your book, you are possibly making one of the best investments in your future at the lowest possible cost ( $20) and risk.

The invitation is there, are you ready to be one of the 15% that survive and grow their business?


Have a great day!

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