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There is no “one” answer for small business publicity

Once again the question arises, “What direction should I concentrate my efforts in order to obtain the best publicity results.” Many business owners are jumping on the “Social Media” band wagon and are relying solely on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Social Media has become the dominant information source. You have the ability to learn about a happening before your nightly news or even internet news if you follow the right people. One important thing is not to waste you time on social media;  decide who you want to follow or have as a friend of be linked to. Just following for the sake of following is not the answer, be selective!

What you post in your blog or on your social media sites is of equal importance. If you are looking for publicity, most reporters will look you up online before they ever contact you for a story. Before sending out a conventional news release, you should you should “release” your story in the social media; in this way, if you are searched, you may be found.

Along with social media and conventional news-releases, e-mail and blogs are important.

Perhaps the single most important part of your publicity is your web site. That is your company brochure, the window to most everything that happens in your business.

Marketing plans look a lot different today then they did even a year ago. A marketing plan that is over one year old is no longer functional and needs to be updated. I encourage a review of the marketing plan every six months.

You have to wear so many hats as the owner of a small business, but without proper marketing, you will not last. Take the time to learn or to hire help in developing your marketing program.


Doing it yourself is important, knowing when to ask for help is even more important.

Have a great day!

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