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Small Business two step…..

Perhaps a better name would be “Small Business Side step”. Everyday I hear about the struggles of small business owners; they blame the economy, technology, finances, clients, and everyone and everything else except the person that is really responsible for their current status and that is the person looking back at them in the mirror.

“But I am so busy” my question is what are you busy with? Are you doing the work that may not be pleasant but can produce results or are you doing things that you like to do because they create “busy work” which makes you feel good. The following steps are worth repeating; I have covered them on past articles but this time I am going to ask you to print this blog and keep this list in front of you.

  • Be accountable to someone other than yourself for your action. Hire an accountability coach, in my opinion, this is the very best investment a small business owner can ever make. As individuals we hire financial advisers, medical advisers, travel advisers, etc, your business adviser is the most important for the health and growth of your company.
  • Back to making a daily list and then prioritizing it. Without a daily plan, your time gets filled with things that don’t result in a forward movement for your business. Start with the first item and then the next. Post this daily list in a very easy to see spot in your office.
  • Stop the interruptions: As humans we like social contact and take every opportunity to stop our work and visit by phone, e-mail, in person, etc. Block time that is devoted solely to completing your list. Your phone message should say you are busy between such and such a time. Same with an e-mail, auto response.

Basic, simple suggestions, but without your implementing all of them you will find yourself in the same position tomorrow as you are today. I know you know…. but are you putting what you know to use?


If you don’t know what you are doing, you don’t know when to stop.

Have a great day!

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