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Inexpensive Marketing tips for the Samll Business

I collect marketing ideas for the small business ( yes, I would like to hear your ideas). The following are some of the top ones in my collection.

  • Second Cup of Coffee: Invite your clients to RSVP to your monthly Second Cup of Coffee. It’s an opportunity for you to provide useful information to your clients and prospects, either on your own business or through and invited guests such as a CPA, attorney, Doctor, etc.. Hold the meeting at a local restaurant that serves coffee and pastries. This might be something you include in your monthly newsletter. Invite your friends and clients to bring a guest. There is an opportunity for them to meet new people and for you to expand your client base.
  • Create and Advisory Board consisting of seven clients. Each client serves a two-year term in order to input ideas and to see them in action.  The group meets once a quarter to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of what your business does everyday.
  • Presentation feedback focus group: Invite 5 to 7 clients to your office and have them listen and critic your product/service presentation. To it right after work and keep the entire meeting to one hour or less. Provide snacks.
  • Ice Cream social at clients home, ( you provide the ice cream). Select a topic to be presented either by you or another professional. Ask your client to invite 5 to 7 couples to their home, could be their clients, and you provide the ice cream and seminar.
  • Use other professionals: If you have friends that are doctors, dentist, barbers, etc, that have a waiting room, ask permission to provide interesting and worthwhile reading material in their waiting area. Update the material every two months. Make sure that it provides information (with your name and contact information on the material) and is not a sales brochure.
  • Offer to do information seminars, not sales presentation, at you place of worship on a monthly basis.

The above are but a few of my top, new ideas sent to me. Ideas are only worthwhile if they are implemented. Challenge your self to pick one and put it to work.


Have a great day!

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