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Open The Box and Get out!

I come across many small business owners who have boxed themselves in their own “Business Box” and live their work life in that confined space. It’s time to open the doors and windows and let “fresh air” into your business.

By “fresh air” I am referring to other people who are not part of your own business. Last week, while visiting a small business, the owner had several telephone calls, one from an insurance agent (cold calling) looking for business and the other from a painting contractor, again cold calling and looking for business. In both cases  the small business owner dismissed the calls,( rudely, in my opinion) by hanging up as soon as they started their sales pitch.

I did ask who called and why the rapid hang up and he shared that they were “just looking for work” and he didn’t have time, nor could he afford them at this point. I asked him why he needed my help and his answer was “to grow my business.”

Cold calling is hard to do, but it shows that the callers were doing what they could to find new business. I suggested that the next time someone called, he should respond by saying ” I admire people who are growing their business, why don’t you come over and let’s see how we can both grow our businesses by working together”.

Have a cup of coffee ready and label  the one hour meeting as part of your marketing time. Within that hour you will know if there is common ground for you to work together. New ideas may come up and at least you may have a new advocate touting your business.

Opportunities come in many different ways, don’t waste them.


Don’t get stuck inside your own ego, because it will become a prison in no time flat.

Barbara Ward

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Have a great day!

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