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You are always a consultant

When someone  comes to buy a product or service from you they expect you to know everything about the product or service you are representing. The sale is made by your ability to give information about the product or service and the benefits  it can provide.

Knowledge is  important but it may not be enough to “seal the deal”. Trust and transparency are an important part of closing the sale. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is your own story. If you own or use the product or service you are representing and can attest that it has made a difference in your life, that becomes a compelling reason the purchase.

No, you may not be using every product or service that you represent, but in your life, you have used something similar. The following is a suggested outline for creating your story.

  • Start by sharing your situation before you began using the product or service.
  • Share, with emotion, the frustration you had prior to using the product or service
  • What happen when you started using the product or service? What was the breakthrough….
  • How have you been able to help others as a result of this breakthrough?
  • Now, relate your story to the prospect’s situation

This is a simple system which will help you connect with you prospect and to gain the necessary trust to close the sale. It takes practice, but you will be pleased with the results.

Have a great day!


We overestimate the event and underestimate the process. Every fulfilled dream occurred because of dedication to a process.

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