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Don’t Sell, Help Customers/Clients Buy

Yes, we know our product better than our customer does, but selling, by talking  about it,  does not always accomplish the goal. Sometimes we use words and terms to talk about a product that the customer may not understand.

Talking about a product necessitates looking at it from the costumers point of view. Listen to the questions, watch the body language and make your presentation based on the customers point of view

I like the term “customer experience”. Every interaction that you have with a potential customer or regular  customer, should create a favorable impression. The “WOW” factor has to be the sales goal. The “WOW” factor has many parts:

  • First impressions are critical; that start with the way you look, your “dress code”.
  • Next comes the greeting, don’t wait for the customer to speak first, offer a greeting first.
  • Listen to their needs, not only with your ears but also with your eyes. Focus on the customer.
  • Let them finish speaking, don’t interrupt.
  • Ask questions as needed to learn more about their needs
  • Always answer from the customers perspective.

In his book, The Pursuit of WOW, Tom Peters says:” 70 percent of lost customers hit the t\road not because of price or quality issues, but because they don’t like the human side of doing business with the prior provider of the product or service.

This book is one I highly recommend to my clients.

I believe that we should always try to create a WOW factor when talking to any one, either in person. on the phone, via e-mail or using social media. Stop and think about how you can create this WOW factor, it will help grow your business.


Appreciation, applause, approval, respect — we all love it!

Have a great day!

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