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Social Media – More important than ever

Whether you believe in the power of social media or not, you must at least become aware of the trends that will soon affect your business.

  • I have shared these statistics before; the number of people using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has surpassed the number of people using e-mail.
  • Communications are going online and small business owners that want to grow their business have to expand into the world of social media to complement their current  communications.
  • The day of the mini computer has arrived; it may be in the shape of your smart phone or i-pad. Apple has been pushing, these last few days, their cloud computing. Social media technologies is changing the way companies engage with the customers. I just ran across an app on a friends iphone that a mortgage broker designed (said it was easy) and now has it available as a free download.
  • If you are not on line and easily found, there is no telling how much business you are losing. 

Now is the time, before you are at the end of the line, to study and know how to effectively use social media. Make it a point to put yourself on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin this week. Play around on these sites, you won’t hurt anything and you will be surprised how much you can learn.


Remember, change is the only constant in our lives!

Have a great day!

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