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Interviews in a small business

No HR department, but a small business owner who is getting ready to hire a first employee. This first hire, outside of a spouse, may be the key to growth and survival or the alternative, a failed business.

Time and patience are a requirement for this process. Finding the right person in a short period of time many not be achievable due to the needed preparation time.

The following are a few thoughts for your consideration before starting the actual interview process:

  • Write down a detailed job description
  • Write down the benefits to the company that will be achieved by this new hire.
  • Review your budget and determine a currently affordable salary. Don’t hire with the salary source being future income.
  • Write down your expectation  for this new employee and a time frame for those expectations to be met.
  • What attributes do you look for that will match your personal and company standards
  • Determine where this “ideal” employee is currently “hiding”. This will help in directing your search.
  • Ask a family member or friend to help you role play this upcoming interview process. Remember, practice make perfect.
  • Don’t be afraid to conduct more than one interview with the same person. I usually meet someone at my office for the first interview and then have a second interview over lunch or dinner. That will allow you to get several looks at your prospective employee and to spend more time with them.

Most important, don’t hire someone that does not meet your business experience requirements and ethical standards.


Before everything else, getting ready is the key to success.

Have a great day!

Another suggestions in preparation for the interview is to ask your contacts if they have an HR department and are willing to let you visit with them and get some pointers.

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