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“TalkAround”… Energy Building System

Visiting with small business owners, that includes commission sales people, I constantly hear about how slow things are.  So many people spend their entire day waiting for the phone to ring or to receive an e-mail with an order. Marketing usually consists of e-newsletters, regular e-mail and making phone calls which they hope will not be answered.

The work hours may pass very slow until it’s time to quit and go home.  It’s hard to get results with each and every marketing process that you implement. The social networks are new “new” darlings in communications; so many hours are spent on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

There are so many companies enticing your with promises of tremendous responses if you only buy their marketing products. For those of you that have been following me for a while, you will notice that marketing is one of the main features in many of our daily blogs.

What I don’t want you to ever forget is that you are in the people to people business.Unless you have established an automatic source of customers and clients that are continually purchasing your products and your are busy all day, every day growing your business, there is still room for more contacts.

My “TalkAround” System is very simple. Every day select one or two people that you have not seen in the last three months, make an appointment, and find out how their family and business are doing. Ideas will flow from the visit and usually good things happen without having to sell yourself.

I had such a visit with a friend (that I should really spend more time with) and had a very productive and enjoyable visit.  I highly recommend that you visit his blog at
He cares about people and his business ethics are beyond reproach.


Your success depends on two things: your rapport building skills and your networking strategy.

Have a great day!

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