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Network Marketing … It is for Real

Network  Marketing, also known as Multi-level marketing has received a bad reputation without  just cause. Granted, there have been some pyramid schemes associated with “multi-Level marketing” but I believe that today Network marketing is the most powerful distribution method.

There are many positives, the main one being a very low entry cost with virtually no significant overhead. I also believe that some form of “Network Marketing” can be used in many small businesses. 

For those of you looking to start your own business a good Networking Based Company has many advantages:

  • It has a low start up cost
  • good firms offer great educational material via the internet and in live sessions almost on a weekly basis
  • Live support is readily available 
  • Technology has opened up many new marketing opportunities
  • Much of the day to day “office” time such as detailed accounting, inventory control etc, is done by someone else; your mail job is to market your product or service.

The only down side I have encountered ( provided that you select a good company) is the anticipation by the new participant of making “a million dollars” quickly and without much effort.

Network Marketing is like any other start up business, you are building your business from the ground up and it takes time to build a solid foundation. Patience and hard work is required, but the potential is better than in the majority of regular  business start-ups.

Another advantage is that you can select a company that offers products or services that you believe in and can get excited about. In the metro Phoenix area I have identified three such firms that I believe offer a tremendous opportunity. If you reside in the metro Phoenix area and want more information on my top three selections, please e-mail me at or call me at 602-989-1592.

Before anyone gets upset, I am sure that there are many more than the three I have examined. If you have a great business and want to share your information, please let me hear from you.


Experience is not what happens to you. Experience is what you do with what happens to you.

Aldous Huxley

Have a great day!

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