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Customer Invlovement in Product/Service Development

Want to start a new business or introduce a new service or product?  Typically a new business requires a lot of up front dollars: the legal entity that is created; office supplies, computers, web site, leasing space, buying furniture, and perhaps  up front cost of the product or service that will be offered.

All too often  money, effort and time is spent before the new owner sees the first customer. I believe that some customers should evaluate new products or services before the new business is launched. Yes there may be some risk if your idea is so awesome that a competitor may want to learn about it, but if done correctly, the risk is minimal.The following is a brief outline for determining if a new business should open or for an existing business to bring new products/service to the market.

  • Start by setting up a “USER GROUP” or a “SALES GROUP”.
  • A “USER GROUP” is a group of people ( minimum or 20 and randomly selected) to whom you will make a personal presentation. You are in total control and will hear the feed back, both good and bad, first hand.
  • A “SALES GROUP” is made up of ten to twenty people who will personally call on at least ten other people and present your product or service. This method will give you more feed back but will take more time and effort to train your group on your sales techniques and product/service knowledge.

The implementation of either of these two methods will require some up front funding, but no where near the amount that is required to commit to a new business or to the introduction of a new product or service.

While this blog only touches the surface of this topic, many mentors and business coaches have, as we do, a comprehensive plan for implementation of either  of these two methods.


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